University of Bologna (Università di Bologna)

University Colleges and Facilities
(Bologna, Italy)

The Università di Bologna is divided into multiple campuses in an attempt to reduce the congestion and diffuse its educational and research services. The Forlì, Ravenna, Cesena, and Rimini campuses were eventually added to the main campus in Bologna. Each of these campuses has complete financial and organisational autonomy.

The Forlì campus was founded in October 2001. The faculties of political science, engineering, economics, and the School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators are located in this campus.

Ravenna Campus

The Ravenna Campus recognises the value of history and cultural heritage. The Faculty of Conservation of Cultural Heritage and the Department of History and Methods for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage can be found in this campus.

Cesena Campus

The Cesena campus is oriented towards the sciences. It is made up of the faculties of architecture, agriculture, veterinary medicine, an mathematics, among others. The Faculty of Engineering can be found in this campus.

Rimini Campus

The Rimini campus was established in November 2001, making it the youngest university campus. It offers courses in tourism, fashion, sport, environmentalism, business, and science.

Bologna Campus

The Bologna campus is the oldest, largest, and most populous of the University's campuses. Efforts to decentralise the university away from the main campus in Bologna eventually led to the creation of the four other campuses. Important administrative offices can be found in this campus.

Bologna University

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